Green Party Presidential hopeful talks jobs, Medicare for all, & free college


By Jason Aubry

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Twenty-five million new jobs; Medicare for all and; free college for every student; these are just some of the plans Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein would like to implement, if elected in November.

Touting her Green New Deal, a play on Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal of the early 20th century, Stein rolled into South Bend Sunday evening to speak at a Green Party event at the Knights of Columbus hall on East Washington Street.

About a dozen people showed up, signed the ballot petition and talked with Stein and fellow Green Party candidate Andrew Straw. Straw recently joined the Green Party in a bid for the 2nd Congressional U.S. House of Representatives seat.

Stein, a board certified surgeon and former instructor at Harvard Medical School, has stepped out of the operating room to, in her words, practice political medicine; because it is the mother of all illnesses.

Her Green New Deal calls for the creation of 25 million new jobs that would come from the sustainable energy industry; something she insists is just as cost effective as traditional “dirty and dangerous” energy options such as oil and nuclear power.

To fill those jobs people will need to be educated, according to Stein; in order to fulfill that part of the plan she wants to make going to college free for everyone who wants to go. “Many students who are capable, who deserve to go, can’t go because the cost is too high,” said Stein.

Stein’s plan would leave private colleges and universities alone while creating public colleges, which would be like public schools.

When asked if the education at a public college would be as good as an education at a private university, Stein fell back on her experience in Massachusetts saying they have had great success.

Finally, with ObamaCare looming, Stein is determined to reform the healthcare system once again. She wants to make Medicare available to everyone.

According to Stein, this would save 27 cents on every dollar spent on healthcare by streamlining the bureaucracy, and she claims the cost of care would level out as well.

These ideas have lead Stein to wins in several Green Party primaries so far, with landslide victories in Arizona and Illinois; both with nearly 70% of the votes.

Stein’s only noteworthy opponent in the primaries seems to be Roseanne Barr, of sitcom fame; though the competition is one of name recognition if anything, as Barr has not come close to gathering the kind of support Stein has.

According to Stein she is on the ballot for the presidential election in 20 states as of Sunday.

She is currently working toward getting on the ballot in 27 more; ignoring Georgia, Oklahoma, and North Carolina. According to Stein, those three states have anti-democratic and obstructive ballot rules.

Here in Indiana, Stein has to get more than 30,000 signatures by the end of June in order to make it on the general election ballot.

When asked if she thought she could win the presidency as a third party candidate, Stein addressed the reality of the uphill climb she faces. “There is this culture of fear out there that you can’t afford to vote your values because it might cause something unexpected to happen,” said Stein.

Stein went on to say, winning the presidency would be an upset unlike anything we’ve seen before in U.S. politics; but she believes it is possible.

She is relying on pulling in votes from people fed up with their party, or with how the country has been run for decades. “In this race, we are determined to establish another voice,” said Stein, “at the very least we establish a political alternative; currently there is none.”

She believes the Green Party and the Tea Party have a lot of similarities; but according to Stein, the Tea Party has been hijacked by funding from major corporations.

For more information visit her website,

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