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Four South Bend men in jail following fight at local nightclub

ELKHART, Ind. -- Four men were arrested after a fight broke out at The Arena in Elkhart sunday morning.

Elkhart Police were on scene of the bar on Middlebury Street when a large fight broke out at around 3:00 a.m. 

The four South Bend men; Julio Rodriguez Ruiz, 20, Fernando Martinez, 21, Evan Leyba , 21, and Otoniel Navarro, 25, were arrested after officers observed a fight between the men and other members of a large crowd.

Officials say that Navarro attempted to grab an officers weapon while they tried to arrest him.

While authorities were attempting to secure other subjects, Fernando Martinez struggled shortly before being arrested as officers assisted by security used tasers to stop and secure Leyba as well.

Officers observed Julio Rodriguez-Ruiz then arrested him after seperating him from other subjects invovled.

Charges against the men include disorderly conduct, resisting law enforcement and battery on an officer.

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