43 people are off Ebola watch list in US, over 200 still on the list

A milestone was hit for dozens of people that came into contact with Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan before he was hospitalized are being monitored for possible Ebola symptoms. The 43 people, including eight students, were taken off the watch list Monday. Read more »

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CDC Director: "We know how to control Ebola"

A house panel convened in the middle of a congressional recess to hear testimony about the government’s response to Ebola. Read More »

Head of Dallas Health Presbyterian Hospital: "We made mistakes"

The first nurse to contract Ebola in the United States, Nina Pham, is being transported to the National Institute of Health in Maryland. Read More »

Parents on alert for marijuana laced Halloween candy

Halloween is quickly approaching, and the dangers of mysterious candies in children’s trick-or-treat bags are still at a high risk, especially in Denver where marijuana is legal. Read More »

Local students researching how Ebola spreads

Ph.D. students at Indiana University School of Medicine in South Bend at Notre Dame are researching the Ebola Virus in the wake of the outbreak. Read More »

CDC: U.S. health worker with Ebola shouldn't have flown

The second Dallas health care worker who was found to have the Ebola virus should not have boarded a commercial jet Monday, health officials say. Read More »

Michiana hospitals issue statement on ebola preparedness

Area hospitals released a joint statement that they are confident they have the proper protocols in place to keep patients and health professionals safe during emergencies. Read More »

Second health care worker tests positive for Ebola at Dallas hospital

A second health care worker who cared for an Ebola patient at a Dallas hospital has contracted the virus herself. Read More »

Mom continues tough workout while pregnant with second child

Women working out while pregnant are being scrutinized. One woman is making headlines for doing CrossFit until four days before she headed into the delivery room. Read More »

WHO: Projects 10K Ebola cases weekly in West Africa by December

Alarming numbers have been released concerning the deadly Ebola virus, including the death rate. Seven out of ten patients that contract the virus will die. Read More »

Ebola fast facts

Here's some background information about Ebola, a virus with a high fatality rate that was first identified in Africa in 1976. Read More »

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