Wisconsin company develops virtual doctor's visit

A Wisconsin company has created what may be the next best thing to house calls from doctors. Read more »

More Technology Stories

GoPro goes public

GoPro, the camera famous for capturing Point-Of-View video, is going public. Read More »

New turbomachinery facility will bring nearly 60 jobs

Notre Dame and the city of South Bend are teaming up with a few other companies to create a multimillion dollar turbomachinery research facility to be built at Ignition Park. Read More »

Elio Motors promises a weird $6,800 car

Sometime next year, a company called Elio Motors claims it will begin building a car in its Louisiana factory that will get 84 miles per gallon on the highway and that will sell for a base price of $6,800. Read More »

Report: Bigger iPhones coming this fall

iPhone screens are about to get a lot bigger, if a new report is to be believed. Read More »

New medical device helps stop bleeding from gunshot wounds

An Oregon-based company, RevMedx, created a new device to stop bleeding from a gun-shot wound in just seconds. Read More »

47 crashes now attributed to faulty ignition in GM vehicles

More crashes are now being attributed to faulty ignitions in General Motors vehicles. Read More »

Elkhart businessman indicted on 17 federal charges

This week, Granger resident James Ledonne was arrested after a grand jury indicted him on 17 counts including wire fraud, interstate transportation of stolen goods and bankruptcy fraud. Read More »

eBay security breach puts users at risk

eBay is the latest internet site to have their security system breached by hackers. The company is recommending that users change their passwords immediately. Read More »

Would you live in a house made of urine and bacteria?

Peter Trimble, a design student at the University of Edinburgh, was aiming to produce an artistic exhibition for a module on sustainability when he stumbled on "Dupe," a living alternative to concrete. Read More »

Notre Dame researcher helped discover Kepler 186 f

Researchers with NASA have discovered a planet approximately the same size as Earth and its distance from other stars means it could be habitable. One of the researchers at Notre Dame has been working on the project. Read More »

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