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I've spent my adult life wishing I was ripped. 

I've spent my adult life depressed that I'm not. So I eat, and eat.

I will go up 20 lbs, go down 20 lbs. Eat healthy, workout, binge, starve, binge and always go back to eat and eat and eat. 

The pic to the left was when I started working in Topeka, Kansas. I was probably 165-170 in that pic. That was nearly six years ago. 

I bought a scale. It sat in the box for three weeks. 

I pulled it out one day. I cringed as I stepped on, wanting badly to step off before a number registered. 


The biggest I've ever been. "How in the hell did this happen?" I found myself asking, out loud.  

I could blame it on a number of things, moving so much, leaving behind such good friends, ==depression. Bad eating habits...etc. 

210 stared back at me. I slammed that scale back in the box, ashamed at the number. I didn't want anyone to know--and now I'm publicly admitting it. I never wanted to step on that scale again. 

I joined a gym when I was 16-years-old. 

I still have a gym membership, I haven't been in three months. 

I use to be skinny, too skinny. I never thought I would be anything but thin. 

I was 190 two months ago. I thought 190 was huge, that was a fast 20 lbs. 

One of my co-workers started the HCG diet. I have no idea why, she looked amazing before the diet. I teased her as she counted her strawberries, who counts strawberries?? 

She dropped 20lbs in 23 days. Everyone took notice--and it seemed everybody started the diet. 

"I'm in, right after my birthday," I declared. 

My birthday was October 8Th. I'm in. 

Today was day 1, it is called the loading day. You can eat whatever you want. You're suppose to do this for two days, I'm just doing one. I've been 'loading' for six months. 

The diet is strict, it's just 500 calories a day, but the drops you put under your tongue enact 1,500 to 4,000 of the bad fat stored in your body. So you still burn calories beyond the 500 you eat. 

Most people lose 1lb a day. 

No soda, No alcohol, No gum, No oil based skin products, No sugar. No, no, no. The list of donts is much, much longer than the list of dos. 

Only water, tea and coffee--as much as you want. Only 1 tablespoon of milk in 24 hours. Yikes. 

Fish, Chicken, Shrimp. 

Broccoli, Spinach, Cauliflower. 

Apples, Oranges, Grapefruit. It's strict. 

I weighed in tonight at 212. I cringed. --and I thought 210 was bad. 

My goal weight is 180. I'd love to be 170-175 eventually. But I'd be happy with 180-185. 

Here is my meal plan for tomorrow: 

October 12Th 


Green tea/water up to 32 oz. before lunch

1/2 grapefruit


2 oz. chicken breast

2 oz. shrimp 

2 cups of cucumbers



4 oz. chicken breast 

2 cups of broccoli 


Late snack: 

1 apple 


Wish me luck!  ;) 

Info on the diet can be found here: Click here

*Important: Just because I have made the personal decision to take part in this diet and publicly blog about my journey--doesn't mean that I endorse the diet plan, nor do I think it is right for everyone. Consult your doctor before starting any new diet and of course, and foremost, love yourself for who you are!* 

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