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A little too tall

What an insane weekend it was.  Both the "normal" weekend, and mine.  Since Saturdays and Sundays are just part of my work week, I have Mondays and Tuesdays off each week.

As many of you know, Sunday was CRAZY here at the station!  I was actually getting ready to write a blog entry when the power went out.  It was out for more than an hour, and it came back about twenty minutes before 11!  So, we had planned for an outdoor version of the newscast and then at the last minute moved it back inside!  It was intense, but glad we made it and it is over.  Yay!

As soon as I had time to change my clothes and hop in the car, I was off to Ohio with one of our producers to spend our weekend at Cedar Point.  Driving straight after the news was not the smartest decision I could have made, since the lack of sleep is FINALLY catching up with me, but I always enjoy my time in the Buckeye State, and this time was no different! 

We rode every coaster except the Jr. Gemini...so that is 16 coasters in about a day and a half!  I was quite embarrased though that I did not know adults are no longer allowed to ride the Jr. Gemini alone!  Whoops!  I swear that you were allowed at one time without a child...but maybe I was remembering a time I rode when I was a kid, myself!  I really considered asking the little kid behind me in line if he wanted to go with me, but then thought that they could get me on the news...for all the wrong reasons.  So, I made the wise decision to just skip that coaster and avoid any trouble  :)

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