A taste of Italy in a cupcake

Since Tom Coomes was on vacation all week, that meant I was working from 3am-noon.  It also meant that I had ALL afternoon to cook and bake for some of my coworkers!  I decided to have an Italian themed dinner with lasagna and tiramisu cupcakes. 

The lasagna, I have made before.  The fancy cupcakes were a new challenge!

My most recent adventure in the kitchen taught me several things. 

First...read the ingredients carefully.  And, thoughtfully.  I now have a HUGE bottle of Kahlua but only needed 3 tablespoons.  Sadly, Wal-mart does not sell coffee liqueur in travel size.

Next...there is a reason you see people wearing aprons.  I had powdered sugar in my hair!  Still have no idea how it got there!

Plus...make sure your "tools" are in working order.  I need a new mixer.  It has one speed...SUPER FAST.  This is not good when your recipe calls for you to beat something on low.  I guess that would explain the powdered sugar in hair!

Also...sweetened condensed milk is the weirdest thing I have ever seen.  And, it smells nasty!

Lastly...enjoy yourself.  So what if things come out badly!  It happens once, and then you get over it.  Every recipe is not going to be your favorite (or that of your guests)....but it is fun to try!  I always feel special getting all these neat and fun ingredients to make something new.  I am know I am a loser.  I have embraced it :)



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