A terminally ill rescue dog became a police K-9 for a day

Police in Pasco, Washington, turned a rescue pup with an inoperable tumor into a dashing police K9. Credit: Pasco Police
By Mallory Hughes, CNN

    (CNN) -- Police in Pasco, Washington, turned a rescue pup with an inoperable tumor into a dashing police K9.

The dog, Eddie, was abandoned and spent almost a month wandering in Benton City, Washington, before he was rescued, CNN affiliate KEPR reported.

Diagnosed with an inoperable tumor causing him to be blind in one eye, Eddie only has six to 12 months to live. Thanks to a foster home and Pasco Police, Eddie's last months will certainly be memorable.

His owner, Kristi Kesler, worked with Mikey's Chance Canine Rescue to come up with bucket list for the dog she lovingly calls "Eddie Spaghetti."

"I thought maybe he might get his picture taken with an officer in a car, I thought maybe if he were lucky, he might go for a car ride, but I never dreamed it would be this big for him," Kesler told KEPR.

Eddie got a custom-made uniform with real police patches and was sworn in as a police K-9 before spending the day on patrol, promising to "apprehend bad guys, search out narcotics and put people in jail."

"We believe in helping people and that also means helping animals in our community, so we have all come together as a family and are all fighting alongside Eddie," Detective Julie Lee told KEPR.

Officer Lee and others took Eddie to several locations around town. His first official call was to a local autobody shop for "service to pick up property," where he received a gift basket with treats, food, and toys to take home. They even donated to his veterinarian bills.

One stop was of course a local doughnut shop, because he wouldn't be a real police officer without some coffee and doughnuts.

"He is just such a lover. You would never suspect that he was abused or neglected," Detective Lee said.

Eddie's bucket list doesn't stop there.

Some community members offered to check other items off his list, like pictures with Santa and a pool filled with stuffed animals, CNN affiliate KAPP reported. Kesler still hopes he can ride in a motorcycle side car and be the star of a kissing booth at an adoption event.

"These people who've really stepped up and said we want to make a difference in this dog's life — it's meant the world to know that people still do care," Kesler told KAPP. "Having them and being able to be a part of their lives and make a difference like in Eddie, to bring this joy to him no matter how short of time it is that's what we hold onto."

Officer Lee told KAPP that she wants Eddie's story to shed light on the fact that dumping animals is not the answer.

"Don't send them to a death sentence in the middle of nowhere" she said. "They deserve a chance at a happy life. If you can't provide it anymore, let somebody else try to do that for them."

CNN reached out to Mikey's Chance Canine Rescue but has not yet heard back.

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