Activists want to shut down traffic in Washington over climate crisis

Global Climate Strike in London, Photo Date: March 15, 2019
By Doug Criss, CNN

(CNN) -- If you live in the nation's capital, your commute Monday morning might be even worse than usual.

That's because a group of climate change activists have vowed to bring Washington to a standstill, all to bring attention to their cause.

The #ShutdownDC action is part of the global climate strikes young activists have been leading since Friday, to try to spur government action on the climate crisis.

In addition to trying to shut down traffic, the activists want people to strike, too.

"We will block key infrastructure to stop business-as-usual, bringing the whole city to a gridlocked standstill," the activists write on the website "Parents, workers, college students, and everyone who is concerned about the climate crisis will skip work and school and put off their other responsibilities to take action on the climate crisis."

The activists also want people to sign a "Pledge of Resistance" that, along with promising to strike and try to shut down traffic, also requires people to ask their friends and family to participate.

Here's how the government will handle this

Washington's Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency says it is aware of plans to intentionally disrupt traffic and will activate DC's Emergency Operations Center to coordinate the city's response.

"Although we are unaware of specific locations that will be impacted, there is the potential for traffic delays and disruptions throughout the District," a post on the management agency's website says.

Commuters are urged to take public transportation, plan alternate routes, sign up for free text or email alerts on traffic and report suspicious activity to the police.

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