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Adventures with cupcakes

There are many things I enjoy doing.  One of which is baking.  I am not great at it, but I really enjoy it, especially when I have others to eat my creations!  Although I get a lot of flack from my coworkers, I have adopted the practice of baking cupcakes of choice for each person on their birthday.

Most people pick generic flavors...chocolate with white icing, yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing...easy!  But, every now and again someone offers me a challenge!  This came in several forms while I was in New Jersey...I made peanut butter cupcakes for a July 4th party, chocolate orange cupcakes for my "Flyers" phanatic director's birthday, and my favorite photographer requested chocolate raspberry, and I obliged!  Some turned out better than others, but I happy to say that I had at least something for each!

Our 11pm producer Kelley is next on the birthday train, and asked for chocolate cupcakes with strawberry icing.  An early morning and a whole TON of powdered sugar later, I have beautiful pink frosted cupcakes with fresh strawberries on top!  That sounds like I am tooting my own horn...whoops!

The main reason I get some much grief from everyone when I bake is because of my cupcake carrier.  I love it!  My sister and I gifted them to each other last year for our birthdays since it makes it so much easier to transport them, and it looks better than the rainboot shoebox I usually used.  I don't care what people say, I love it :)

And, I will certainly have a challenge in November!  Jamie has requested creme brulee!  Hope I do not set myself on fire!   Ha ha ha!  And, on the same day, I will be making red velvet cupcakes for jack of all trades sales guy, Josh.  My kitchen will be smoking!  But, I am excited to attempt!

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