Baby goat found in hot car outside a casino now helps kids

By Gina Lazara

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) – A baby goat who was near death a few times in the first month of her life is doing great now.

Millie the goat was found in a hot car in a casino parking garage at the end of May.

"It was over 90 degrees in the garage alone so who knows how hot it was in the car," said Monique Hanson with The Animal Foundation.

Casino security alerted Animal Control who came out to rescue the goat and brought her to The Animal Foundation.

Upon Millie's arrival at the shelter, employee Monique Hanson saw her come in.

"I stopped work and I took her to the vet that night," said Hanson.

It was love at first sight. Hanson and Millie were inseparable.

Millie was just three days old and only weighed 2.5 pounds when she was brought to The Animal Foundation.

She quickly started making progress and gaining weight.

About a week into her recovery, she had a major setback and almost died.

"I went home; I didn't go to work that day. I cried in my house with her on my lap on my couch all day cause I just wanted to give her all the love to then let her go the next morning," she said.

But Millie perked back up unexpectedly and has been improving since then.

"I can't offer what she truly needs, she needs to be around other goats, other farm animals, she needs to run around in the dirt," said Hanson.

So now Millie is off to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in California on Monday to be a part of a program that teaches kids about animal compassion.

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