Bay County to begin aerial treatment for mosquitoes

By Scott Wolchek

Bay County, MI (WNEM) -- It is warming up, which means those annoying mosquitoes will be popping up over the coming weeks.

One local community is getting a head start trying to keep the mosquito population down.

Bay County is making preparations for its aerial control program. Planes will cover 50,000 acres of lots, dropping a special surprise on those suckers.

“When it lands in the water, the mosquito larvae will digest the product. It’s toxic to them, but it leaves all the other aquatic organisms in the water,” said Rebecca Brandt, with Bay County Mosquito Control.

The county will be targeting lots with standing water.

The practice targets mosquitoes while they are still larvae.

Brandt said this targets the mosquitoes that pop out in May.

“There would just be a heavier emergence of adult biting mosquitoes,” Brandt said if they didn’t spray. “Our residents aren’t accustomed to that kind of significant emergence at that time of year.”

She said it is too early to predict how bad the season will be.

The aerial assault begins next week.

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