Berry Picking

It is the last weekend of summer.  We had one nice last great summer day Saturday, and then a cloudier day on Sunday.  But, never fear...there is a lot of nice fall weather ahead.  And, with some cooler temperatures and less humidity, it makes for a lot of fun!

One of the things I have been looking forward to most about being back in the Midwest, is the crop harvest. 

I loved everything Jersey Fresh...but when you compare tomatoes and lettuce to corn, pumpkins and apples...I love the fall crops of Michiana!  (I will also say that Jersey has us beat in the berry department.  I know Michigan has a TON of blueberries, but so does the Garden State...along with cranberries, strawberries and blackberries).  I never made it to pick my own fruit in NJ, so I am making up for it here!

On Monday, morning producer, Jessica Fleming and I headed off to Coloma, MI to harvest some fall crops for ourselves at Jollay Orchards.

We trudged off with a bushel basket and a wagon into the orchards.  We were lucky and snagged a couple of peaches, since the season for them is coming to an end.  There are rows and rows and rows of apple trees, and I grabbed enough to make cinnamon apples for the newsroom

(Side note....if you decide to make a whole pot of apples...invest in an apple peeler that will not give you blisters.  If you see me wincing a little as we advance through weather will know why!) 

Then, we walked past the barren cherry trees and to the ripening pear crop.  They look promising, but are not quite ready, yet!  We pulled the wagon all the way to the opposite side of the orchard to get some raspberries.  Now, they are fun to pick!  They are so small...and it is labor intensive being careful to grab the berries with enough force to pluck if from the bush, but not squish it.  But, SO much fun!  Now, I know why raspberries are so expensive at the grocery store!

We visited the cider house on the way out and tried some very interesting blends.  I stuck with the original to take home, but some of the other flavors were tasty!  Rum, fudge, pomegranate...the list goes on...anything you could imagine!

Once I got back, with my harvest I made a peach cobbler and a pot of cinnamon apples to share.  But, I ate all of the raspberries myself.  Yum!

Definitely an awesome day trip, and very affordable! 


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