Coffee is my friend.

My alarm clock and I are currently not friends.  That goes for both of my phones, too.  We are in a tiff.

Really, it is not their fault.  I should not blame them.  But, after many nights of going to sleep around midnight or 1:00AM, it is no easy task to wake up at "bedtime".

Meteorologist Tom Coomes is enjoying some well deserved time off...and that means, I get to wake up with Michiana every morning!  I am actually a morning person, and love being up early, but this feels more like being a creature of the night!

After the 6:30pm news last night I got right home, ate a snack and got into my pjs.  I had a talk with myself about how it was REALLY important that I fall asleep quickly.  Too bad I did not listen to myself!  It was dark.  It was quiet.  I had rested up over the weekend in anticipation.  Maybe that was where I went wrong!

Tossing and turning...I could still get a good 4.5 hours of sleep.  

Why did I leave my window open...[there is a fountain behind my apartment] all I can think about as my mind wanders is rain....and waterfalls...and thunderstorms.  It is supposed to be sunny today...WHY is it raining?  Oh...just the fountain.  OK...I can still get 3 hours of sleep if I fall asleep right now. 

It CANNOT be 11:30 right now.  How am I not asleep yet?  Still two solid hours of sleep...


I should have taken some sleeping pills.  But, I am constantly afraid I will not wake up in time!  Even with an alarm clock and two phones, I still have nightmares about over sleeping.  Tomorrow will be better.  I hope!

Any other suggestions on getting yourself to sleep before even the neighborhood toddlers are in bed?  Hoping I will be tired enough tonight to fall asleep fast!

Time for another cup of coffee before the news :)


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