Coolin Down

Chief Meteorologist Jamie Martin is doing back-flips here at ABC 57 News as we speak over the cool down heading for Michiana.

The start of August and highs in the upper 70’s and over night lows in the upper 40’s has me already running for my heavy blanket for my bed and diggin’ for my hoodies.

I think it was just a week ago I was complaining about how darn hot it was! Funny how that works.

Krista and I love warm, hot, and hotter temps..while Jamie always calls for cloudy, cool, snowy, Seattle and Denver type weather. Krista and I dream of West Plam and Dallas temps!

So the ABC 57 News room is divided on what the perfect temp really is. I’m a huge fan of 80 and no humidity—year  round. Guess the only chance I have of that is the comfort of my own home with a sun lamp! Haha.

I’m fear to even ask the question on when the first snow is around here. I heard a rumor it can be as soon as October, I’m hoping that is just a rumor!

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