Curious George and Preston the Amur Leopard

It was cool and a bit rainy this past weekend. Perfect weather for a weather guy to get out in! I took my youngest two to the Potawatomi Zoo. It was great. Sure a few animals were in because of the cold, but a lot were out and very active. Especially the cats!

I haven't heard the cats so verbal before. They were really enjoying the cooler weather. The funniest was Preston. He is right next to the bobcats. At first he was just walking by checking us out. Then William showed Preston the Curious George he was carrying. Preston loved it! I mean in an eating kind of way! He started pawing at the glass and trying to eat it! It was awesome! William and Katherine even found an employee to ask if Preston wanted it as a toy. Very sweet, but not on his diet!

The zoo is still open through most of November. I hope to see you there!

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