Don't 'scrub' me the wrong way!!

Have you seen this new product?

Scrubbing Bubbles has come out with a new automatic cleaning system! But it comes with a bit of a WARNING!!!

So I was in Detroit the last couple of days celebrating my best friend Erica's birthday. I stayed at Erica's house on Tuesday night and had a little run in with her Scrubbing Bubbles Machine. 

I was brushing my teeth getting ready for bed when I noticed this contraption in the shower reflecting back in the glass. Well, of course I had to check it out! So I turned around, looked at it. It looked pretty simple. It had two buttons on it. I pressed the button on the bottom. A little bit of cleaner dripped below.

"Oh, cool." I thought to myself. It must just drip straight down and clean around the drain. "Simple," I thought. "Ineffective," also crossed my mind. 

The whole while it was beeping. BEEP..BEEP..BEEP.. I thought, how embarrassing--they are going to start to wonder what the heck I'm doin' in here. So I put one foot in the tub and kept one foot out to get close enough to read the directions. I just wanted to make it stop beeping!

I got in position. 

1.) Use after taking a shower when the shower is still wet. 

That is as far as I got on the directions when that damn thing started up!!! 

SPRAYYYYYYYYYYYYY....literally from my waist all the way to my hair. In my eyes, up my nose, in my mouth--that had dropped open at this point in shock, all over my new Banana Republic shirt I had just bought two hours before. 

I started yelling, "What the heck--HELP!" 

Erica came running in the same time I was stumbling out of the tub, my right leg still caught inside. 

Then the rotation came back...SPRAYYYYYYYYY all over me for a second blast of fresh, bleach, Aspen pines! 

From my waist to my hair, from my eyes, up my nose, back in my mouth. 

So I did what anyone would do, I went off yelling and didn't bother to shut the shower door behind me. 

SPRAY for minutes all over the sink, floor, mirror, Erica..I think everything got a little taste of the Scrubbing Bubbles that was within a spray shot. 

So here is my warning: 

1.) Don't press any buttons on anything before reading the directions. 

2.) Scrubbing Bubbles doesn't taste as good as it smells. 

3.) If you are going to clean your shower---well you may as well clean the entire bathroom. 

4.) If you ever run out of Febreze, Scrubbing Bubbles, without bleach could be used as a backup. 

We laughed about this all the way to P.F. Changs for dinner and back. 

Don't worry--even though bleached I was okay! Thankfully Erica is a doctor--so I had one on hand at the time of my cleaning emergency! haha. 

Scrub on friends, scrub on!



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