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Double drowning at Redinger Ditch

ARGOS, Ind. – Two young boys are dead following a double drowning in Argos.

According to Indiana DNR, their names are Mahlon Z. Martin, 13-years-old, and Kenneth Z. Martin, 12-years old.

Neighbors say children play in Redinger Ditch  all the time, but Sunday afternoon, around 2:30 pm, things took a turn for the worst in the area of Gumwood Rd. and 20th Road.

A nearby homeowner says friends and family were invited to his house for a Sunday afternoon meal.

He says a group of kids crossed the street for a splash at a creek in Redinger Ditch.

Accoring to Indiana DNR,one of the children began struggling inside the water which is shallow in some areas but not where the children were playing.

Neighbors say the children were playing in a deep part of the ditch where water levels are 6 feet high.'

To help save the drowning child, the others formed a human chain but DNR says another child fell in during the rescue attempt.

A neighbor says the child that fell in was a brother of the first victim.

He says he was the final person in that human chain and tried grabbing hold of his brother before tragically falling victim to the water, himself.

The nearby homeowner says about 7 children were playing in the ditch at the time of this tragedy.

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