Embroidery hoops & Fabric




Supplies Needed

-Embroidery Hoops in various sizes

I "shopped" for mine in my grandma's basement so I got them for free but to save money check out Goodwill & Salvation Army my guess is they have tons there for cheap! 

- Scraps of fabric

Again, I "shopped" for this in my grandma's basement but you can go to any fabric store/ Wal-mart and look in the left over/ scrap bin and score some cheap fabric. Another alternative would be cutting up old shirts to fill them with.



When I saw this idea I fell in love with the simplicity of the project and how easy and cheap it was to do! There isn't really steps for this project all you have to do is cut the material to fit each hoop, tighten and hang on the wall.

You could really take this a step further and decorate the fabric inside the hoop too, I kept it simple because I decorated everything else.

I still have a couple empty hoops because I wanted a brown or tan colored fabric to put inside them and didn't get any on my trip "shopping" but will be going back for more soon!

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