Fall madness!

If you watch, you probably know how much I hate the summer heat. Not the whole summer just the high heat and humidity! It comes from growing up as a beach rat in Florida. If you are on the beach in a pair of baggies, the heat and humidity is wonderful. Having a real job and walking around in that heat is not fun at all. It also lasted for 8 months!

Our escape would arrive every October. Not in Florida, in the North Carolina mountains. The first time I went up, I thought to myself "drive 12 hours to look at some leaves on a tree?". I turned out to be a blast! The weather, the views, the hiking...it was the perfect escape from the heat!

Fall always reminds me of the fun and friends in the North Carolina mountains. But now, I get to live the entire season of Fall. Not just a 4 day weekend in October!

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