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Fancy meeting you here.

I made a new friend. 

He walked right into my life...with a little help from Jamie Martin.  But, our time together was short.  He was sticking around my desk when I arrived at work today.  He was not moving, and looked sad. 

I decided to honor him with a burial at sea. The cause of death is under investigation, sources tell me drowning is suspected.

Years ago my family found a praying mantis, and decided to keep him as a pet for the summer.  We caught him crickets and would on occasion let him fly around our patio.  I was reliving this rivoting time in my life to Jamie last week.  I am sure when he saw this walking stick, he assumed I would befriend him easily.  He was right.

Rest in peace, Sticky.  Thank you for brightening my day with your appearance.  I hope to erase any traces of you from my desk, swiftly.

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