F.F.T = Finally family time!

I'm so excited for the next couple of weeks. This week I'm heading back to Detroit to see my dad and step-mom for a couple days and next week I'm driving up to Alpena to see my grandma. Then in October I have nine days off that I will spend back home. There is really nothing I like more than spending time with family!

(In the picture: this is my dad and me from last week) 

When I started in TV, I started a journey that I have to say I wasn't expecting. When I graduated high school I moved into an apartment near my family and commuted to college. I taught piano all through college and wasn't in a hurry to graduate. In fact I retook classes for better grades, took a semester off and just rolled my way through school. I loved the life I was living as a teacher and the huge flexibility that I had while doing it. I knew the day I graduated from college all of that was going to change--so I think a part of me wanted it to go as slow as possible, there are days I still wish I was enrolled. lol.

I got my first TV job while I was interning for Fox 2 News in Detroit. My first job took me to Alpena, Michigan. The move was perfect! I had been vacationing in Alpena ever since I was a little kid and my grandma lived right outside the city. So I was familiar with the city and was able to spend a great amount of time with my grandma. But it was short lived, in fact I only worked in Alpena for four months before moving to Topeka, Kansas.

"Topeka, Kansas?" my dad said on the phone with a questioning tone.

"Yea, I mean, I guess I'm moving to Kansas," was my reply.

And off I went. I hired a moving company, they loaded my things and a week later I was reporting news in Kansas. I thought it was going to be liberating, that I would love the fact that I was living on my own and proving I can make it in life. It was so the opposite, I was more home sick than I have ever been in my life.

I had a tough time adjusting and then came the realization that I was only going to be able to get enough time off and afford to come home once a year. I worked in Topeka for two years and then I moved three hours away to work in Joplin, Missouri. For four years I lived away from home. For four years I only came home four times. It was always the same time each year the week of October 8Th-to share my birthday with my grandma--yea, we were born on the same day. The week would always go so fast, too fast! It was almost more painful to come home and get a taste my family to just have to turn around and leave again. It caused months of sadness when I returned back.

This year has been totally different. Since moving to South Bend I have been able to go home all the time. I spend Christmas with my family last year and have been home as many times in just the past few months than I had in four years.

It is great to just be able to get in a car and be home in a few hours. They say home is where the heart is. While I agree with that--I can say 100% my home is for sure the state of Michigan and I'm more than blessed to be working and living here.


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