Gateway to the West

After Tom Coomes spent a week in the Smokies (still makes me think of lil smokies sausages) it was finally my turn to take a short vacation!

My sister lives in St. Louis, MO and I went to visit her, and enjoy the scorching heat of the Midwest!  It was nearly 100 EVERY day I was there.  Despite the heat, I had a great time on the banks of the mighty Mississippi.

In terms of sister and I are pretty close to complete opposites.  She is a fashion designer!  She works for a dancewear company...and it was SO COOL to see everything!  I keep telling her she should design something for me.  If only I had a reason to wear a tutu!  Halloween?  That WOULD be scary!

St. Louis is known for a couple of things.  One of them is beer!  I am not a huge fan, but wanted to take the Budweiser tour anyhow! 

I must say...WOW.  A totally free tour.  Free parking.  Clydesdales.  Beer samples.  Pop and pretzels.  A trolley ride.  It was such a neat experience.  I could not believe it was all free!  If you are ever in St. Louis...check it out!  I am always intrigued by history...and to see how the company kept functioning during the Prohibition era really was interesting to me.

The St. Louis Zoo is another free attraction that I enjoyed.  It was 100 that day, so the animals were a little lethargic, but so was I.  Thankfully the snake and bird houses were air conditioned, so I spent a while admiring a giant python and a toucan.  It was a huge zoo...and to be free?  Awesome!

Tom is a frequent visitor of St. Louis, and suggested a few local eats to me, and I enjoyed them thoroughly!  There is nothing quite like lunch of ice cream from Ted Drewes on a very hot day!

There is SO much to do!  I cannot wait to go back and hopefully catch a Cardinals game!

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