Goshen web design and graphics business growing

Owning your own businesses as a college student or recent graduate is quite an accomplishment, but that dream is a reality for two former Goshen College Students.

Co-owners Simon Birky-Hartmann and Jonathan Savage teamed together last year to build a web design and graphics company. The partnership started when Birky-Hartmann was working on a re-branding project for The Electric Brew, a downtown coffee shop.
“They needed a website, and he (Birky-Hartmann) didn’t necessarily have the technical skills, so he tapped me on the shoulder, and we’ve been working together ever since,” said Savage.
From logos to business cards to posters, flyers, and websites, the young duo said they have been making a decent profit since they opened Studio Ace of Spade in October.
 But unlike the average business, they do not run out of their own, private space. Instead, they share the office floor with other businesses on 206 S. Main St.
“We all have different backgrounds and stuff, but it seems to work quite ok. We’re all paying for the rent and sharing the utilities and other various expenses. It’s a really interesting atmosphere. It keeps us fresh in our head to not be locked in our routine, in our own little box,” Birky- Hartmann said.
Savage said he is also thankful, especially for the direct connections they have been able to make; some of their office-mates are now their clients.
 “There are just so many people that we’ve been able to meet and experiences that I never would have had previously that the businesses have been able to bring me,” Savage said.
We’re still eating a lot of pastas and potatoes, but we’re definitely making a living. I mean we’re not making a million dollar a month but I’m hoping one day,” Birky-Hartmann said, laughingly.

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