Healthy newborn placed in Safe Haven baby box

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By Web Staff

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CLARKSVILLE, Indiana (WLKY) -- A healthy newborn baby was surrendered early Sunday morning to a baby box in Clarksville.

Safe Haven Baby boxes provide a place for mothers who may not be ready for parenting to give up their babies anonymously.

According to the organization, the child was left in the baby box at the Clarksville Fire Department. The Safe Haven Baby Box was dedicated and made available to the public on October 16, 2020.

"The parent or parents of the child made a choice based on love and grace," said Clarksville Fire Chief, Brandon Skaggs. "With a dedicated team and available resources this choice has provided hope, love, and a life for this child."

"That’s the ultimate act of selflessness. I’m so thankful she chose a safe place to surrender her child and not in a dumpster or trash can like we see too many times," said Monica Kelsey, the founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes.

Officials with Safe Haven Baby Boxes say the process ensures the baby finds an adoptive family within 30-45 days.

Anyone interested in adopting the baby is asked to contact Indiana's Department of Social Services and register as a foster and adoption family.

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