Holcomb says no new tolls on Indiana interstate highways

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb says he won't impose new tolls on Indiana's interstate highways while in office.

Holcomb on Thursday sent to the State Budget Committee a tolling plan created by the Indiana Department of Transportation, but in a letter to lawmakers he said fuel tax and vehicle registration fee increases approved by the General Assembly last year will sufficiently fund the state's current road construction projects.

Highway revenues are projected to start dropping after 2025.

Holcomb was required by the 2017 law to provide the tolling plan. It says Indiana could collect approximately $15 billion for road improvements between 2024 and 2045 by imposing tolls of up to seven cents per mile for cars and up to 38 cents per mile for semitrailers on Interstates 65, 70 and 94.

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