Letters/Name beside crib




Supplies Needed

-Wooden Letters

I bought my letters from Hobby Lobby because the entire selection was 50% off and I scored all five of my letters for around $6.

- Paint

I bought my paint at Wal-Mart for $0.96 each tube, which was way more paint than I needed but you could cut out this cost completely if you already have the paint.

-Paint brushes

-Glue gun/ super glue

-Scrapbook paper

Again, I got mine at Hobby Lobby because it was 50% off the same week that the letters were and got the three sheets that I used for around $0.50

-Modge Podge

You can also substitute collage glue or Elmer’s glue for this just to create a “seal” and bond it to the letter really good. I just prefer using Modge Podge.


You could really substitute anything here that you want to decorate with be as creative as you want or do what I did and just use what you have laying around the house. You could skip this step all together as well.

-3M Velcro


Step 1: Start by first painting the letters so you have ample time for them to dry before decorating them.(I did steps 1 & 2 backwards and this would have been easier)  I chose not to do every letter because I was using the scrapbook paper as well. I painted every other letter and set them aside and was able to begin the next step on the other letters right away. Also don’t worry about painting the backs if you are hanging them on the wall.

Step 2: Flip over your letters and trace them on the scrapbook paper that you are going to use. Then cut out the letter and put a thin to moderate coat of Modge Podge, or glue, on the back of the letter and adhere it to the front. 



Step 3: While the Modge Podge is drying check your painted letters to see if they need another coat. You can also use this time to clean out brushes and get things together to decorate.


Step 4: Once the scrapbook paper is attached take a clean brush (I always use my fingers) and spread a thin coat of Modge Podge or glue over the scrapbook paper to create the seal. At this point my painted letters were dry so I whipped out my blow drier to speed up the drying process a little bit so I could decorate them.

Step 5: This is up to you. I used some ribbon that I had left over from our wedding and some buttons that I had, that just happened to be the perfect colors. I used super glue to put the ribbon and buttons in different places on each letter. You could put it on every other letter, just one be as creative as you want.

Step 6: After everything is dry I used the 3M Velcro strips to adhere them to the wall. They are not that heavy and after filling holes when we painted the last thing I wanted to do was put more holes in the wall. They have the clean remove strips, which I had a coupon for but they aren’t that expensive and will come cleanly off your walls when or if you need to take them down.

It's that simple! I added some butterfiles that were made for our wedding and of course a cross, but that is optional too. Have fun with it, and do things that suit your decor.

You could also use this project in other rooms besides a nursery. How fun would it be in a bathroom or living room?

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