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Monica Ott

Monica and I are back at it again! 

We both got our start in TV at WBKB in Alpena, Michigan. I was working as the 11 p.m. anchor at the time and Monica was hired as the evening meteorologist. In fact, before Monica came along I had to read the news, do sports highlights and forecast the weather! So you can only imagine how many I was to have Monica on board.

We had a blast working together, the chemistry was instant--and I remember people emailing or bugging us asking if we were dating or married, sorry to say we aren't that chemistry is just natural. (Monica is going to be mad at me for writing that part. lol.) 

I was able to meet her family-she has the nicest parents I've ever met! It didn't last long though, I was offered a job in Topeka, Kansas and after just four months at the station I was off and moving. It wasn't too much longer and Monica was moving too out to Jersey.

In the five years, almost six now that I've been working in broadcasting I have lived in four states--so we move a lot! It's hard to keep up with the people that I use to work with, but I always kept Monica's phone number and once in a while I would call and say hi, typically when I was moving again for another job. We exchanged Christmas cards and kept in touch on Facebook.

When I was hired in South Bend we had several openings for our new venture. "Brian do you know any weather people?" my boss asked, "Monica Ott," was my simple reply, "You will love her!"

I jumped on the phone and said Monica--please come!! We can work together again! I was about 110% more excited than I should be--and I'm sure Monica quickly relived my quirkiness from Alpena all over again. The rest is history, Monica interviewed, was hired and here we are again! 

I would venture to say Monica is one of my best friends, we just get along so well together and I respect her so much. What you see on TV is exactly how she is off the screen--she is one of the nicest people I know! Oh, and her parents--you could only imagine their surprise after almost four years and getting to see me again! It was quite the reunion. This time around I also am becoming friends with her sister and grandpa on Facebook. haha, her grandparents live right by Cedar Point so that is a HUGE plus, right?

So when you see Monica and me working together on the weekends and you think to yourself, wow--they really seem like friends--now you know the answer, we are! 

She will expect that this blog was written to suck up for my approaching birthday because she makes the most amazing cupcakes--there may be an alternate motive here--but I think it's a pretty cool story to share none-the-less!



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