Nearly every member of one IU fraternity is sick with a virus

By Katie Cox

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WRTV) – Nearly every member of one Indiana University fraternity has fallen sick with a virus, according to Chuck Carney, spokesman for the university.

Carney did not want to say which fraternity was affected by the virus but said it appears to be a "highly contagious" gastrointestinal virus.

Carney says 50 of the fraternity's 52 members are currently ill and are experiencing the same symptoms.

It is not clear what virus the students have but Carney says it appears to be similar to the norovirus.

The virus first started making its rounds last week and Carney says as of Wednesday evening nearly every member had fallen ill. So far no one has had to be hospitalized.

The students have all been asked to stay in the frat house for at least 24 hours so they do not get anyone else sick.

They have also been advised not to share utensils or drinks and they are postponing all social events for the fraternity until the illness has passed.

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