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New missile test shows North Korea capable of hitting all of US mainland

Overnight, the U.S. confirmed the latest ballistic missile launched by North Korea has the ability to strike anywhere in the world. 

This missile flew higher and longer than any other missile launched by the country. As that missile was in the air, President Trump was being briefed on the situation.

This is North Korea's 3rd ICBM launch. It shot 2.800 miles into space, flew for 50 minutes and experts warn if angled for distance instead of altitude, that same missile could reach the U.S. mainland. It landed in the sea of Japan.

President Trump responded some 90 minutes later saying "It is a situation that will be handled."

Local lawmakers are starting to react. Senator Joe Donnelly is calling on the President to sign a national defense bill, which includes an amendment that would require a strategy to confront the North Korean threat.

In a statement, the Senator said in part "We must show the American people, our service members in the region and our allies around the world that we are serious about confronting the threat from the Kim regime."

Earlier this year, Donnelly helped shape increased sanctions on North Korea, Russia and Iran, which the Senate passed and President Trump signed into law.

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