Passenger plane crashes in Iran with 66 aboard

(CNN) -- A passenger plane flying from Tehran with 66 people aboard crashed in a mountainous area in central Iran, local media reported Sunday.

The Aseman Airlines plane was headed to the southwestern city of Yasuj when it crashed near Semirom town, authorities told Iran's Fars News Agency .

An airline official said the flight departed at 7:55 a.m. local time (11.25 p.m. ET Saturday) from Mehrabad airport and disappeared from the radar shortly after that, according to Iranian state media.

A rescue helicopter attempting to reach the crash site was forced to turn back due to bad weather, state media reported.

"This is a snow-covered mountainous area, much like the Rockies in America or the European Alps," CNN's Senior International Correspondent Sam Kiley said. "Any rescue operation will depend entirely on the weather."

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