PHOTOS: Behind the scenes of the Notre Dame game

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- At noon on Saturday, the ABC57 "wolfpack" rolled out of our parking lot with one goal in mind -- to bring Michiana the best coverage possible of the Notre Dame v. South Florida game!  Four of us were piled into a car with three cameras, three tripods, two laptops, and a LiveU backpack.  We only had a couple of parking spaces available in the Joyce lot and wanted to make them count.

After circling the stadium for 10 minutes, our team decided to get as close to the press box as possible and drop everyone off near the gate.  A parking attendant derailed this plan, so we made a new one!  Lug the gear from where the wouldn't let us go any further, and have one person go park the car in the jungle of tailgaters.  I was that lucky person!

I was able to find a spot in lot 10 near the front (another lucky win), and made my way through a sea of people to find the other newsies.  A was surrounded by thousands of people.  They were drinking, dancing, and grilling up a storm!  As ABC57's meteorologists predicted, it would be an actual storm later in the evening that would put all of their fun on hold.

I met the rest of our team at the gate where the football players enter the stadium.  Emily Pritchard was shoulder-to-shoulder with other sports reporters from other local news stations, holding her camera proudly in the air to get the shots she needed.  Crowds chanted, "Let's go, Irish!" and clapped as the players passed us and walked into the "house that Rockne built".

My next stop was the field.  I got to make that legendary walk down through the tunnel and out onto the field where all of the action happens.  It was pretty amazing.

Then it was up to the press box.  Our team set up our laptops and got settled to start tweeting and Facebooking as soon as the kick-off commenced.  Brian Hardin of Notre Dame was nice enough to accomodate our team and give us an extra seat in the press box, sandwiching a couple of our competitors.  Two of our photographers, Kyle Fobe and Matt Armitage, took their gear down to the field to get ready to go.

The game started out with the usual pomp and circumstance surrounds your usual Notre Dame.  Two calls to delay the game due to severe weather later, it was anything but that!  The players trodded on and kept playing each time the call was made to head back onto the field.  Our reporters we on the field and in the concourse, covering the evacuations along with all of the gameday sports action.

Sadly, the game ended with Notre Dame losing by three points, but at the same time, there's something to be said about hardwork and persistence.  Speaking of that winning spirit, we even got to see Fobe on the in-house feed, working hard, even in the rain. 

We hope that you enjoyed following all of our play-by-play coverage of the game on our Facebook wall and on Twitter.  Make sure to check out our complete slideshow of the day's events.

If you have some ideas about what you'd like to see next game day (aside from a win!), leave us your comments and we'll consider them for the next time we take to the gridiron.

Until next game day, football fans!

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