Police: Hall monitor shot while confronting school intruder

By DAVID McFADDEN, Associated Press

BALTIMORE (AP) — A Baltimore high school hall monitor was shot during an argument as he confronted a man trying to enter the school, officials said Friday.

The monitor and a 25-year-old man argued in the Frederick Douglass High School lobby around noon and the monitor was shot, Baltimore Police said in a statement. Officials said all students and other staffers were safe.

People were having a meeting at the school, and it's thought the man wanted to confront someone inside, Baltimore police Col. Byron Conaway said at a news conference.

School police officers in the main office nearby took the man into custody, school police Chief Akil Hamm said. He said no students were involved.

The 56-year-old monitor is in serious but stable condition after being shot in the lower torso, police said. They did not release his name.

Students were on lockdown for roughly an hour before being escorted out. By that time, the sprawling school was surrounded by yellow police tape.

At a shopping mall across the street from the school, G'mar Matthews, an 18-year-old senior at the school, said metal detectors at the school's main entrance were generally deactivated after classes begin for the day.

"They don't keep those things on all day. Maybe they will now," he said.

Parents were furious that school administrators did not notify them about the shooting even well after their children were escorted out.

"We didn't hear a thing from the school. We only learned about the shooting from a cousin who works for the school system. A message would have been nice. Honestly, it's ridiculous," said Keith Young, who rushed to the high school to pick up his stepson, Terrence, a 10th grader.

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