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South Bend area added to Meijer delivery service

Photo courtesy Meijer

By Dani Messick

ELKHART, Ind--The South Bend area is latest to be added to the Meijer delivery service partner, Shipt.

“This is all about convenience. We see a wide variety of Meijer customers want the service, everyone from young parents and millennials to people who might have trouble getting around the store easily.

The service is also for anyone who is time-starved and just trying to get a few more hours out of their week,” Joe Hirschmugl, spokesman for Meijer, said.

Last September, Meijer partnered up with Shipt to offer a delivery service for Detroit.

They began offering the service at other Meijer locations this year. It is now available in six states.

In Indiana alone, Shipt is available to about 845,000 households- about 136,000 reside within the South Bend, Mishawaka and Elkhart area.

Most Meijer stores will deliver within 20 miles of the store and at any time when the store is open.

At this point in time, only the South Bend location is offering the service nearby so only parts of Elkhart County will be able to receive products right now but the company is ever-expanding.

Virtually anything the store sells is available for delivery through Shipt, from fresh produce to back-to-school supplies, and motor oil to shampoo.

“We see a lot of people ordering things like big bags of dog food, and we see people using the service multiple times per week because, as a member, you get unlimited deliveries.”

Basically the only things off limits are alcohol, lottery tickets and cigarettes.

How does it work? Customers search the website and make their selections. Then, Shipt personal shoppers will text the customer when they get to the store and confirm items they want, and try to make you aware that they’re actually shopping for your order and they’ll let you know when they’re done in case you’ve forgotten anything.

“You can put notes in about how fresh you like your bananas or have half of your peaches really ripe and half not so ripe. You can give your shopper as much info as they need. This is a kind of customer service so the shopper very much wants to get the order as right as if you were shopping yourself.”

The cost of the service is $99 per year. Shipt does not yet offer opportunities for coupons or Mperks usage yet. Story taken in parternship with the Elkhart Truth located at http://bit.ly/2v38oTz 

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