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Sikh Temple holds a blood drive to bring awareness to the religion

It is a religion that is often misunderstood, and many still confuse the Sikh community with the Muslim faith thinking they are associated with acts of terrorism.

One group is trying to bring clarity to their religion and lend a helping hand across Michiana, at the same time.

Sikhs who attend the Sikh Temple on Day Road in Mishawaka have organized a blood drive to give back to others, while attempting to shed some light on their religion.

"It's about giving back to the community, the biggest aspect in Sikhism is always helping the people in need and a blood drive is helping the people in need," said Gurinder Kaur, the organizer of the blood drive.

The Sikh Temple is always open for anyone to go.

They offer hot meals every day at the Temple, and encourage anyone who wants to learn more about the religion to stop in.
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