Sister Georgeann gathers data for NWS for 50 years: ‘An important part of science’


AMY DUPONT (WITI) -- A unique honor for Mount Mary University: The National Weather Service is recognizing the university for providing weather data for 50 years. Sister Georgeann Krzyzanowski gathers the data, no matter the weather.

She may not be as fast as she once was -- but Sister Georgeann Krzyzanowski is as punctual today as the day she started.

"I come out at 7 a.m. to do this," said Sister Georgeann Krzyzanowski.

Just don't ask the School Sister of Notre Dame exactly when that was.

"Well, it's a good number of years, but don't ask me how many. I don't remember. I'm sorry. I don't," said Sister Georgeann.

Sister Georgeann is the Mount Mary University weather observer. She's the third sister to take over the duty since the university started collecting data for the National Weather Service in 1968.

"Data collection is an important part of science. I enjoy it -- and Sister Georgeann is an important part of our contribution to understanding weather," said Justin Hustoft, assistant professor of physics .

Sister Georgeann records the temperature and measures any rain or snowfall at the same time, every day.

Her weather work is meticulous.

"A couple of times I've called in and they've said 'are you sure,' and I said 'yes, I'm sure,'" said Sister Georgeann.

Ironic, since numbers just aren't her thing.

"I"m trying to remember how old I am. Hmmm -- I'm in my 80s," said Sister Georgeann.

Sister Georgeann has long retired from the classroom -- but she has no plans to leave campus. That's where she will always find the only numbers that matter to her.

"This is where the thermometers are," said Sister Georgeann.

Sister Georgeann is a Milwaukee native. She has a master's degree in education and taught geography at Mount Mary. She still works on campus in administration.

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