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Star of Wonder

Star of Wonder, presented by Woodlawn Nature Center, is an indoor star party featuring the stars of Christmas. Among other things, there is a one hour animated computerized presentation that will graphically indicate where the audience can look to view the famous Star of Bethlehem for themselves.

This presentation draws from history, legends, culture, and astronomy to tell the story of the three men. Traveling along the trade routes from India, Persia, and Ethiopia, they were brought together by what they saw in the heavens. These persons are connected to actual historical characters who very feasibly could have been the original “wise men” known as the Magi in the Book of Matthew. Star of Wonder has been a holiday tradition at Woodlawn Nature Center for the last six years, inspired by similar programs at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. It represents research from many sources including over two decades of compilation and original research.

The presentation is primarily engaging for adults, but it is animated and suited for children as well. Young children are welcome and there will be activities for them if they are not interested or lose interest in the one hour program. Light refreshments will be provided.

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