Steve Bannon pleads not guilty to contempt of Congress charges

Steve Bannon is pleading not guilty to his criminal contempt of Congress charges, according to a notice he filed in federal court on Wednesday. Bannon is shown here speaking to reporters on Monday, Nov. 15, 2021, in Washington.

By Katelyn Polantz, CNN Reporter, Crime and Justice

(CNN) -- Steve Bannon is pleading not guilty to the criminal contempt of Congress charges against him, according to a notice filed in federal court on Wednesday.

The notice came in advance of a hearing set for Thursday morning -- scheduled to be Bannon's first appearance before US District Judge Carl Nichols, who will oversee his case and any potential trial for contempt for failing to testify or turn over documents in the House's January 6 investigation.

Bannon said he did not need to have his charges read by the judge in open court, according to the filing.

This should mean the court could skip a formal arraignment Thursday. The virtual status conference scheduled for the morning would then be a simple check-in with the judge to discuss timing and other procedural steps in the case.

Bannon appeared in court on Monday following his arrest. He is not being detained.

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