Styrofoam Coffin

What in the world have I gotten myself into? 

Today when I arrived at work there was a Styrofoam 'to go' food box with a message scratched into it. 

Another friend.

Thank you, Jamie Martin!

My goodness.  I reluctantly opened the box, immediately inhaling the whiffs of day old pasta and saw a large cicada.  I immediately did not recognize it as I generally associate the shedded skins with cicadas, and do not remember if I have ever seen one live!

I assumed by his tranquil state that he had passed on. 

After closing the box, I went back to forecasting. 

Minutes later I realized my new friend had only been sleeping.  The box began shaking violently, and I will admit, I shrieked!  But, the commotion ended as abruptly as it had begun.

Afterwards, I tried to determine the fate of this cicada.  Was he just tired, or indeed taking his final breaths of air?  I made the choice to dispose of him in his Styrofoam coffin.

Being the better person, Keitha Nelson insisted I allow him to pass on in his natural habitat.  So, I took him outside, and he proceeded to fly straight under the tires of Tony Spehar's news vehicle. 

Guess he wanted to die after all.

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