"To my friends in New York I say hello..."

I put out a plea Saturday night on our ABC 57 Facebook page asking for a local connection to the East Coast to localize Hurricane Irene.

I got an e-mail back about a woman from Niles that lives in NYC now by the name of Kiri Jewell. The e-mail was simple and included a warning, "She has turned down Oprah twice, good luck!" 

Oprah!?! How was I going to compete with that?

I was really happy when Kiri accepted my request for a Skype interview Saturday, but what I thought was going to be a simple Michiana connection to the hurricane turned out to uncover an AMAZING talent! 

I discovered that Kiri and her best friend Stefanie Bassett were accepting weather-related song requests for their Youtube channel. You have to check it out! Click here to go to their page.

Aside from the amazing talent of the band AwShockKiss, these band members are perhaps the nicest girls I've interviewed since working here.

Skype interviews, well any interviews for that matter, can go okay, bad, good or great and you never really know what you're going to get. For instance, I was set up to do a Skype interview last month and the young man was so rude to me that I said, thanks but no thanks and looked for someone else to interview.

With Kiri and Stefanie there was instant fun connection. In fact the director turned around and asked me if they were friends of mine because we were laughing and joking so much during the interview.

This job, I've always said, is the best because we get a chance to meet so many people from all over! I really hope that todays interview turns into a great friendship between me, Kiri and Stefanie. I mean don't we all need more friends in NYC?? Haha!

I'm no Oprah--so I'm thankful ladies for your time today!

Much respect to your amazing talent, can't wait to hear you all live.

If you have plans to head to NYC soon. AwShockKiss will be performing at the LIC Bar in Queens September 18th.

I can't wait to share their music will all of my friends.


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