What is an MMJ?

If you have seen one of our business cards than you noticed we are not your every day news reporter! We are known as MMJs. But what is an MMJ? 

MMJ stands for multi-media journalist--key word is multi! 

On a daily basis, we come up with our own story ideas, shoot our own video, write the story, edit it, and even set up our own live shots! All the while, we try to juggle Facebook and Twitter pages, keeping them full of content! 

If it sounds exhausting, well it is! Ha ha! Many of us work an easy 10-hour day every day! BUT you won't hear us complaining--we like the multi and the flexibility. 

I especially like editing my own stories and setting up my own live shots. Those two things are personal to a reporter and it really allows me to have a final say in what the finished project looks like. 

So what is the difference between an MMJ and a reporter? 

Well, it really depends on the TV station. At some stations, a reporter just reports. So they are out doing the interview with a camera man, they write the story, but then someone edits it and sets up the live shot for them. I used to report this way when I worked in Topeka. There is a lot that you can do when you have a photographer with you--but you're not as involved. 

And don't feel too sorry for us -- we do have a couple photogs around who do a lot to help out!  And if there is  tricky live shot, they go along and do it with us. 

So the next time you see an ABC 57 MMJ standing in front a camera by themselves and talking all alone--don't point and laugh--we actually know what we're doing. Ha ha! 


Pretty good gig for someone like me who likes to be on the go! 

Take a second now to add ABC 57, me, and the rest of the team on your Facebook & Twitter pages and see the difference for yourself! 

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