You can live in a replica of Monica's apartment from 'Friends'

Realtor Rachel Gannon renovated a home in Dayton, Ohio, to mimic Monica Geller's apartment from "Friends."

By Zoe Sottile, CNN

(CNN) -- "Friends" superfans look no further: You can now spend your days and nights living in a replica of Monica Geller's apartment.

A house in Dayton, Ohio, designed to look like the iconic New York City apartment has been listed for sale. It features purple and blue walls painted to mimic the iconic TV set, and even a mini clawfoot tub to echo Monica's bathroom.

The house has been used as a "Friends"-themed short-term rental on Airbnb, according to the listing. In addition to the themed decor, the home, built in 1940, also includes a new furnace, air conditioner and water heater.

Rachel Gannon, the real estate agent selling the home, purchased the property in November 2021. She and her husband run several themed Airbnbs, she told CNN. When brainstorming a theme for a new home, she thought, "What else do I know better than 'Friends'?"

"So I was sitting up every night watching the show a million times, taking notes, online shopping to get everything as close as I possibly can," she said.

The reaction to the listing "has been absolutely nuts," said Gannon. She has received multiple offers over the asking price of $162,000.

"I'm just enjoying the ride," Gannon said. "I'm actually going to really miss" the home, she added.

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