Indianapolis company pitches redevelopment plan for downtown Elkhart

ELKHART, Ind., -- A $7.5 million, two-story office building could be built on the land of Elkhart's Civic Plaza. 

Envoy, an Indianapolis construction management and development company, proposed this plan to the Elkhart Redevelopment Commission Wednesday afternoon. 

There would be individual office spaces with that could be leased monthly. Envoy’s president says Elkhart is known for its entrepreneurial spirit. He hopes this type of office space will allow smaller and individual companies to compete with the larger businesses in Michiana. 

“If you look at commercial real estate these days, there’s a historic trend of having a three or five year lease, that on the front end of it, there’s a large capitalization requirement that prevents a lot of businesses from being able to start," said Envoy president Scott Baldwin. "In our case, you just have to move in today. It’s already built."  

The redevelopment commission did not vote on the proposal. 

The commission plans to hold a meeting for public discussion in the near future. 

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