10 Elf on the Shelf ideas

We adopted our Elf on the Shelf in 2009.

At that time you could only find the elf online or at select stores.

Well now, two years later, almost every family in America has an elf.

With popularity comes creativity.  Parents are stepping up their elf game, which naturally means I have to do the same.

So far, our elf has been in a stocking, hanging upside down from the chandelier and had tea with Barbie and Ken.

This year, our elf must stay high.  I don't want Taylor to be devastated when Bryce (17-month-old) knocks it over, throws it, or tries to give it a high five. 

Just in case you don't know, the elf can't be touched, or he will loose his magic.

Here are a few ideas I plan to use this year....

  • Chef Elf - Hanging out at the spice rack w/ a spoon and a bag full of reindeer food.  (We make ours with oatmeal, sprinkles and raisins.)

  • Snowy Elf - Elf sitting on the window ledge sprinkled with coconut to look like snow.

  • Candy cane Elf - Hang candy canes from the chandelier, then have the elf hanging from a candy cane.

  • Reading Elf - Elf wearing barbie glasses reading a book.

  • High-flying Elf -  attach the elf to a balloon and let him float around all day.

  • Dressed up Elf -  I was going to make the elf wings or a cape.

  • Stocking Elf - Put the elf in your child's stocking w/ an early treat hanging out. I had a bell necklace for Taylor.

  • Tea Party Elf - Elf can have tea with Barbie, spider man, stuffed animals or your child's favorite character toys.

  • Chocoholic Elf - Elf sitting with an empty bag of M&M's.

  • Cowboy Elf - Elf riding one of Taylor's stuffed horses and borrowing Woody's hat. 

If you need more ideas, here are 101

Just in case, here's the background on this little elf...

The elf and his book "Elf on the Shelf" can be purchased at stores everywhere.  In the book you and your children will learn the "rules" behind this elf.  The kids believe Santa sends him each year to see if they are naughty or nice.  Each night the elf flies back to Santa to report. He returns the next morning in a new location for your child to find. (this is where my 10 ideas come into play)  Santa says the elf can't talk or be touched, but kids are welcome to talk to him.

If your family doesn't have an elf, I highly recommend one.  This little guy, really is a lot of fun. Here's the website for "Elf on the Shelf" for more information.


What fun or silly things does your elf do?  I'd love to hear from you. Email me or follow me on facebook.

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