100-year-old barn unveils stories amid renovation

NOW: 100-year-old barn unveils stories amid renovation


LAPORTE, Ind. -- Ever think to yourself, if only these walls could talk? Well one family recently thought the same thing when purchasing a 100-year-old barn in LaPorte, and now, they have found a way to hear the stories of its past.

Just off the beaten path in LaPorte, this barn was first created in the 1920’s. It started as a corn and hay barn, then became a dairy farm, and next the Banhulzer family winery. Most recently, some remember it as the Grapevine Restaurant, La Chateau, or Backroads Bar and Grill. However, when the Cikowski family first purchased this barn, its deep history was a shock. 

Kristy Cikowski first saw the barn for sale on Facebook, after falling in love with the building, she decided to go to social media and ask the community about what this barn means to them. She received an overwhelming large number of messages and stories from some recalling loading hay with their father to couple’s engagements or first dates. And now, it is the community, that is making this new project for the Cikowski family…that more rewarding

“I just wanted to thank the community because people have been so incredibly kind to us, complete strangers offering to help, asking questions sharing their stories and important moments in their life, we have just been blown away by the response we have gotten and we hope to make the community proud by this project,” Kristy Cikowski.  

So, what’s in store for the old barn? The Cikowski’s are calling it the “Medallion Manor” and are hoping to welcome a new family into the barn – who want to be a part of the story.

“We have a huge opportunity to create something awesome that someone local can join the story,” says Dan Cikowski. “After everything that everyone has been through for the last year we have an incredible opportunity to continue the story.”

If you have a story for the old barn, you can find the Medallion Manor on Facebook here or Instagram here. 

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