13-year-old driver is recovering after Sunday's police involved shooting

NOW: 13-year-old driver is recovering after Sunday’s police involved shooting


A 13-year-old could be tried as an adult after a chase ended with him shot in the shoulder.
He was shot by a Norfolk Southern Railway police officer.

Prosecutor Vicki Becker says he’s still in custody, while recovering from that bullet wound.
“Any shooting of this nature, any use of deadly force, obviously is an event that requires thorough investigative inquiry,” says Becker. “Many people are being talked to many forms of evidence are being gathered. This will take some time. “

On Tuesday Becker held a press conference after a police involved shooting in Elkhart county on Sunday night.
The teen driver is expected to be released from the hospital some time on Tuesday. Then, charges will follow. 

“Indiana State Police is likely to take him into custody, given the circumstances of this event,” says Becker. “Felony fleeing, but there are some additional charges that may come down depending on how information comes in.” 

At first, the incident started with a traffic violation. “That one officer had observed engaging in rather dangerous driving behavior as well as another traffic infraction,” explains Becker.
According to Becker, an officer from the Elkhart Police Department began the pursuit of the 13-year-old driver in Baugo Township. “They began the pursuit of the outer West Side of the county, just west of the city of Elkhart…general area of County Road 20 and Holiday Place.”
The pursuit was heading north on CR 20, when a Norfolk Southern police officer got involved.

“He heard the chase going on and of course as law enforcement officers know one person can’t do it alone,” said Becker. 
While fleeing,  the teen traveled less than two miles before driving through a front yard. “The individual in the vehicle that was fleeing entered into private property into a yard and continued trying to flee from law enforcement,” says Becker. 

More than one shot was fired. Once the investigation is complete Becker says it’ll go straight to the prosecutor’s office. “I will review the case to determine if any criminal charges are appropriate or if the shooting is justified under the law.” 

Becker mentioned the officer that shot the teen was previously Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department officer.
State police will be taking over this investigation; no specific facts could be given as to not compromise the investigation.

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