14-year-old overdoses on Adderall

A 14-year-old overdosed on Adderall inside his high school, now Elkhart County police are investigating.

It happened Thursday morning at Concord Community High School.

The student was immediately taken to the hospital, treated and released to his parents.

“The commonly abused narcotics, stimulants can all result in overdose and death. And often do if they're abused over time,” said Oaklawn Direction of Addiction Services John Horsley.

A 14-year-old student overdosed on the prescription drug Adderall, commonly used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder.

During their investigation police learned another 14-year-student was the one how supplied the pills.

Addiction specialists at Oaklawn Health Center said more and more teens are beginning to abuse prescription drugs.

“Marijuana was the top abused drug followed by prescription drugs mostly Adderall and Ritalin. Third was alcohol. So we got prescription drugs now, higher rates of abuse among teens than alcohol, for the first time ever,” said Horsley.

The key, he said is to educate students and make it nearly impossible for kids to have access to drugs.

“They're normally finding them in cabinets somewhere or somebody didn't use them or it's a situation where someone says hey if you take these you can study longer,” said Horsley.

Also he urges parents to use other methods for treating disorders like ADHD, like homeopathic alternatives.

Horsley said the younger the child the higher the addiction risk.

“I think we've become a culture of pill seekers and quick fixes. We are way too quick to go that route, especially with the narcotic medications,” he said.

Elkhart County said it is an open investigation and would not comment.

The principal at Concord Community High School could not say what action will be taken against those students. 
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