17-year-old running for Mayor of Elkhart

ELKHART, Ind. – You may have heard about the 17-year-old running for Mayor of Elkhart. His name is Caleb Owens and he's currently a senior at Concord High School.

ABC 57 followed Caleb around the halls of his school and talked less about policy and more about who he really is.

“Nothing is getting done for our generation,” says Owens. He believes he can be a voice for his peers.

Owens says he's always enjoyed politics and after being a member of the Indiana State Student Council, the Army National Guard, and the NAACP, he says he has what it takes to run his hometown.

“I have plenty of readings to go through and I read just about all of them on what it takes to be mayor,” says Owens.

He says, another issue dear to his heart is the violence at Washington Gardens Apartments and he's tired of losing friends in the aftermath of shootings.

Owens also says he hasn't lost sight of going to college. He says being the Mayor of Elkhart will help prepare him for that next step.

“Being Mayor will actually help me prepare myself for what's ahead because I want to minor in public administration,” says Owens.

A question a lot of people have been wondering is if he'll even be able to vote for himself. The answer is yes, Owens confirms he will be 18 in April.

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