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19-year-old man dies after shots fired in Goshen

GOSHEN, Ind.— A 19-year-old man died after shots were fired on Cross Street in Goshen, according to the Goshen Police Department.

On March 26 around 9:37 p.m., officers with the Goshen Police Department were called to the 500 block of Cross Street for a report of shots fired.

Witnesses at the scene told officers that a man in the rear passenger seat of a car had been injured with a firearm.

Officers located the injured 19-year-old man, identified as Ivan Pedroza. 

Medics at the scene attempted to provide aid but Pedroza was pronounced dead.

The Elkhart County Homicide Unit has taken over the investigation, which remains ongoing.

Police did not share any information about any potential suspects.

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KirkMiller 60 days ago
Notice how Democrat run towns have more shootings? Under previous Dem mayor, Goshen police department was given very specific rules dealing with immigration and gang related activities. The city doesn't want to "look bad". Guess what, sparky! This is what happens when you perpetuate the same nonsense as your predecessor. People are dying, and no justice for victims.
KaylaAnne88 KirkMiller 60 days ago
1. This 19 year old being shot and dying has nothing to do with the Goshen Mayor being a Democrat or Republican
2. "Goshen police department was given very specific rules dealing with immigration and gang related activities," is actually quite racist sounding. If the person's last name was Yoder would you have made this same comment? I believe not.
3. The area this happened in is actually a decent neighborhood and really doesn't see a lot of crimes being committed in that area.

Your intire comment is racist and biased. Each sentence you made you did so as if what you're saying is fact when really they're all opinions and beliefs and make it obvious that you're not from Goshen.
Your an idiot and have no knowledge on how politics work. No only do you have racist undertones, you are blaming a group of people, based on their democratic beliefs, for the death of this young man. It's people like you that let fear guide your political cognitive dissonance. Underlying issue is relaxed gun laws in Indiana. No regulations on buying outside of a gun shop. I.e. garage sales and auctions.
KirkMiller KaylaAnne88 59 days ago
You obviously have no idea how things work in Goshen. Nothing I said was racist. It's people like you who make things unmanageable by burying your head in the sand and screaming RACIST when you hear something you don't like. FACT: Kauffman directive to police wan not to go after certain aspects of crime in this town because it makes the city "look bad". That is from city council member. Jeremy has changed nothing. Evident in lack of action. I grew up in this town and have watched it go down. And for the liberal dimwits, look at crime statistics. Every major crime area across the country are in Democrat cities. Prove me wrong!
Typical opinionated and uneducated talking points. You are the one with no understanding of politics and law. I said absolutely nothing racist, and your gun jibberish proves you haven't done any research. Keep listening to mommy and daddy and stay ignorant. The politics of this town will be it's demise. You can't tell me anything before Obama, can you, you political wizzard?
Drew 60 days ago
Sad to see young people falling victim so often. Please stop the violence guys, nobody wins with this.
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