2 Killed in toll road crash in La Porte County

LA PORTE COUNTY, Ind. -- An Indiana Toll Road worker is among two people who died after a crash on the toll road.

The car accident happened around 11:30 Tuesday near the Michigan City exit. Police say an SUV slammed into the back of a maintenance truck.

The accident was especially hard on troopers at the scene.

"It’s particularly distressing for some of the troopers that are assigned to the toll road, because they know these workers, they work with them every day,” said Sgt. Ann Wojas. “So this is almost like a member of their family that's been killed."

Toll road worker, 52-year old Daniel Miller died along with the SUV driver 78-year-old Paul Kimbrugh. He died at the hospital.

The crash backed up traffic for more than six miles. 

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